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DermaTraffic Dermatology Online Marketing builds a customized social media management dashboard for quick and easy monitoring of the movement of information from different sources. If a clinic does not have accounts in a number of social media sites such as Facebook or Pinterest, an account will be opened for the dermatologist.

The DermaTraffic Dermatology Online Marketing makes sure that a website provides every person who clicks on the website a clinic’s services and supporting products, if any, including specific contact information, phone numbers where they can call the staff, in the event potential clients would want to know more about just about anything related to the practice and facilities. Such contact information must be visible and large enough to be seen on your website. 

Through a unique, customized ad campaign the goal of drawing the attention of the relatively wealthy clientele or patients needing dermatological services are set. 

PPC advertising can deliver targeted cosmetic patient traffic to the clinic office but it takes experience and the technical know-how to do it successfully. Marketing veterans can still make mistakes in applying Google AdWords advertising in a new market or whenever they begin offering a new product or service with pay-per-click. 

Without the need for discounted or promotional services, DermaTraffic Dermatology Online Marketing’s expertise in the application of Google AdWords will target exactly the patients whom dermatologist want calling their offices. 

DermaTraffic Dermatology Online Marketing enables a dermatological clinic to capture a segment of the higher income bracket market anywhere in the world. DermaTraffic’s special program on attracting qualified patients for the medical entrepreneurs can be monitored by their staff.

DermaTraffic Dermatology Online Marketing team will create and monitor a dermatologist’s professional practice in four major social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, building brand awareness for you and posting to each social media platform on a daily basis.

DermaTraffic Dermatology Online Marketing will undertake competitive research to elevate a campaign’s click-through rate and convert these rates into attracting high-paying customers for the medical cosmetic service business.

DermaTraffic Dermatology Online Marketing will track new customers and client conversions and where they are coming from as the mark of good analysis that results in the right keywords and placements that could bring about the most conversions and the right client dermatologists have been looking for. 

DermaTraffic Dermatology Online Marketing also provides medical cosmetic service businesses with the additional service of tagging their campaigns without additional cost on their part, by the use of tracking code installation that requires HTML knowledge. Tracking leads and sales from phone calls would require additional set and expertise, but DermaTraffic can do all these for them.

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